Frequently Asked Questions

What's UruguayPass?

UruguayPass is a benefits program which gives you access to 2x1 and percentage discounts in restaurants, accommodation, shopping and more, in over 100 places in the main Uruguay destinations.

How does it work?

After purchasing UruguayPass you get an unique code (digitally and in a plastic card), which you must show along with your identity document, in any of the member places every time you wish to use a discount.

The place will verify that your UruguayPass is valid and belongs to you, and then will apply the offered discount.

How do I get my code and card?

Immediately after purchasing your UruguayPass you will get a confirmation email including the details of your purchase along with your new code. We will also ship your UruguayPass card with the code, free of charge, to the address you specify at the moment of the purchase. We only ship to Uruguay addresses, so if you are visiting the country you can enter your hotel address and the date on which you wish us to ship it.

Do I need the physical card to get the discounts?

Not really, just by communicating your code and showing your identity document you are able to access the discounts. The card is only for your convenience.

How much does it cost?

There are 3 versions of UruguayPass. You can choose the 3 and 10 days versions—thought for people visiting Uruguay for a short time—at $10 and $19, respectively. You can also choose the 1 year version, at only $49.

When is my UruguayPass activated?

Your UruguayPass is activated once you use it for the first time. For example, if you buy the 3 days version today, Wednesday, and use it for the first time on Saturday, you'll have until Tuesday at the same time to use it again.

How many times can I use my UruguayPass?

You can use your UruguayPass as many times and in as many places as you like, as long as you use it one time per visit and the general conditions are respected.

What are the general conditions?

The conditions are available in the page of each place, under it's discounts. They basically say that the discounts are not cumulative with each other nor with other promotions, besides establishing a minimum and maximum of people for its usage in restaurants.