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We are ProntoDetail, a young company dedicated to the Aesthetic Automotive Fast Car Detailing. We provide quick fixes and cosmetic repairs for vehicles trying to approach the customer to the fullest.

Thus it is that our services can be provided in our premises, at home or at strategic points (parkings, service stations, etc.). They can be scheduled on social networks, web, mail or phone and they can be paid by various means of collection. Our prices are standardized so they are worth the same for any type of vehicle or client. Our website has an online quotation and schedule, and our prices are visible to the general public in order to gain the trust of our customers.

We prefer to see our business as an automotive practice and not as a workshop, and we want to be as friendly as possible to the public in general, without distinguishing sex or age. strategically we chose our location to be accessible to most of our target audience and the mix of services we provide is intended to encompass all the aesthetic range of vehicles.

ProntoDetail is a project of 3 young entrepreneurs, a technician in the automotive category, a student and a graduate degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Uruguay. The project is incubated in Nexo and is driven and co-funded by the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) Project with the number 1745/015.

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20% 20% discount en pulidos, lustrados, sellados, lavados, pintura, desbollados, láminas de seguridad, limpieza de tapizados, etc.
No aplica a láminas 3M ni promos del mes.
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2705 0982 Av. Brasil 2917bis Pocitos, Montevideo