Hacienda Tierra Negra

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Hacienda Tierra Negra, born from an idea that erupted a few years ago. Excellent products identified and chosen very demanding way, analyzing their traceability in some cases and finding little treasures (that are not traded on the market) in others.

We aim at an audience likes what unique and each person knows that is unique in its essence, that knows and appreciates what is the quality of life and recognizing their personal imprint differential, whatever it.

That's why we aim to those who buy our products than anyone, we are not interested so massive, we want a select target audience that is in tune with our feelings ... we know that there are still people who believe in Friendship capitalized, in the given word, look at the speaker, in the Smile flooding, in order that good people can interact, communicate and work together creating lasting bonds.

That's our audience, that is the public of the HTN products. A good wine is not taken, it is tasted, he feels, is shared is the architect and adequate excuse for meetings and reunions, to try to catch a drink sublime moments shared with your partner, friends, family. When we have a good wine before the words regain strength and meaning as the words are silent, it is time for smiles, glances, handshakes and hugs.

We want to be a stop on your way, a breath of fresh air, the smell of the earth rained, the emotion that comes over you sometimes.

Products with Magic for People with Essence, that is not our slogan, it is our projection of entrepreneurship. It is a place where dreams and utopias become realities, products and people tangibilizando magic and essence, this fusion, this communion is HACIENDA BLACK EARTH.

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Gift One wine (HTN selection) free on purchases of $U 1.000 or more.
Cash or credit card payment only.
20% 20% discount on cutlery and kitchen accesories.
15% 15% discount on national and imported wines.
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2517 0425 Plaza Jacksonville, Local 7 - Ruta 8 Km. 17 Jacksonville, Montevideo