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Ciudad de la Costa - Montevideo - Shopping

Aroma space is a company that has a history of 15 years in the Uruguayan market, initially devoted ourselves to serving flavoring companies and were the first company in Uruguay in entering the Olfactory Marketing.

Perform this service professionally, with quality fragrances allowed us to provide our services and products to businesses and leading brands in the market.

That initial positioning led to the development of different alternatives for spreading aromas and a variety of fragrances, so today we have a large variety of products and services with the brand.

In 2007 it was when we perform the opening of our first store specializing Aroma Space Punta Carretas Shopping, it has an "island" format and currently have more than 200 products to market, as we went attaching to the products of flavoring and accessories, a line of personal care products (shower gels, body splash, body lotion, soap, etc.) of our brand Aroma Area.

After the very good initial experience of Punta Carretas, openings occurred islands in the Devoto Punta del Este, Costa Urban Shopping, Montevideo Shopping, Shopping Tres Cruces, New Shopping Center, Montevideo Agricultural Market with a proposal aimed at tourists Real Plaza Salaverry recently in Lima, Peru.

This growth of outlets has allowed us to create a network of places where we can reach more and more customers and also has meant we growth and strong positioning of our brand and our products. This success is what we want to share with you!

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2682 4701 Avenida Ing. Luis Giannattasio Km 21, Nivel 2 San José de Carrasco, Ciudad de la Costa