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The Dickens Institute was founded in 1972, counting today with an uninterrupted history of more than 40 years in our midst.

From the beginning the idea was to teach English differently, cheerful and unstructured way, making English classes at a special time to facilitate language learning.

The main objective is the teaching of English to children, youth and adults, giving courses of international teachers of English and teacher training, international exam preparation, conversation classes, business English, legal, medical, for the tourism industry, cultural extension services and technical assistance to schools and institutes. In addition, from 2013 offer courses in Portuguese.

Dickens believes in providing its students the possibility of international exams prestigious British institutions. From level 5th Youth / Adult 4th, all examinations to surrender are international. This way our youth and adults will be able to face a future that will surely be highly competitive, and which will be valued increasingly a resume that demonstrates the excellence of its wearer.

Since 1993, a Director of Oxford House College, comes to Montevideo in December and moderates internal and external evaluations of our Institute. In this way, a service that ensures greater objectivity to evaluations and compares the results of the same at international level is provided. It is for this reason that the diplomas that guarantee the results of our evaluations wear the logo of Dickens and Oxford House College.

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